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About Our District

Benavides Independent School District

Mission of Education 

Benavides Independent School District will assure that every student develops their maximum capabilities and acquire a knowledge based on which to build life-long learning, thus, enabling them to become responsible contributors to society. 


Each Benavides Independent School District's campus, faculty, parents, and community work together to build a trusting environment in which each student is challenged to meet his/her fullest potential.  A safe and orderly environment enhanced by innovative programs provides the opportunity for every student to become the achiever that we believe he/she can be.


Benavides Independent School District is committed to giving students the best education possible as preparation to meet their everyday problems and should make them realize that they must do their part as citizens in the community where they live.  Above, everything else, they must develop a knowledge, and appreciation of their privileges and responsibilities in a free, democratic society.

We, in this district, believe that...

  • All students can learn
  • All students deserve a quality education
  • All students have worth and deserve respect
  • All students deserve the opportunity to become responsible citizens
  • All students success is enhanced when students, parents, school and community work together

The community of Benavides, Texas is located in the brush country of South Texas in a region that was once called the Wild Horse Desert. In historic Duval County, Benavides lies between the cities of Corpus Christi on the coast of the sparkling Gulf of Mexico and Laredo on the banks of the old Rio Grande. As a result, BISD sits at the center of a culturally rich area of Texas -- providing premiere educational services to nearly 500 students on two campuses.

District Contact Information


Benavides I.S.D                                                  Benavides Elementary                                                Benavides High School

P.O Box Drawer P                                                 106 W. School Street,                                                       1025 Eagle Dr,

Benavides TX, 78341                                              Benavides TX, 78341                                                        Benavides TX, 78341

(361) 256-3003                                                     Phone Number: (361)256-3030                                         Phone Number: (361)256-3040

                                                                          Fax:(361)256-3043                                                           Fax: (361)256-3032